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What Gardening Zone Am I In | USWGA

Determining your gardening zone is important when it comes to choosing the right plants to incorporate within the garden. Some plants are accustomed to a specific climate and light schedule, while other plants are bred to be much more forgiving.   What Plants Need To Survive Plants need water, airflow and energy from light to survive. […]

What Is Living Soil | USWGA

You’ve probably heard the term living soil by now at one point or another. It’s quickly becoming a great way for gardeners to save money while producing the healthiest high quality organic plants possible. What is living soil?  What are the benefits of living soil?  Why should you switch to living soil?  These are popular […]

The Challenges of Landscaping on a Hill

The charming features of a house on a hill are unmatched. What makes the property even more attractive is adding new construction and landscaping designs. From flowing hardscapes to versatile shade structures, waterfalls, firepits, stunning gardens, and everything in between, there’s a lot you can do to tame a slope and take advantage of the […]